Sunday, December 11, 2016

Season 7 Episode 4: New Zealand: Land of the Maori

Season 7 Episode 4: New Zealand: Land of the Maori

Over 100 people drown each year in New Zealand, and Bear must cross a raging river on a tree trunk to head toward civilization. On his journey to safety he runs out of water, is forced to climb up active volcano ranges and scale down a waterfall.

Bear's Knife: Gerber BG Ultimate Survival

Info: Among Bear's most important gear is his trusty knife. He brings his Ultimate Survival knife from Gerber to New Zealand on this trek. Available here at

Bear's Jacket: Craghoppers Survival Jacket II

Info: While walking up volcanic terrain and crossing raging rivers, Bear wears this jacket from Craghoppers as his outer wear. Available here at

Bear's Boots: Merrell Chameleon Hex

Info: Bear wears ultimate hiking shoes from Merrell for comfort and high-traction to tread the diverse terrain in New Zealand territory. Available here at

Bear's Backpack: BackCountry Stash

Info: Bear brings his essential equipment with this large capacity backpack. This rusksack is large, durable and comfortable. Available here at

Bear's Canteen: 58 Pattern British Army Style Camping Water Bottle & Canteen Cup

Info: In this episode Bear uses this canteen with crusader cup to carry his water before he ran out of it and once again had to fight for survival in foreign land. Available here at

Bear's Watch: Breitling Emergency

Info: Bear wears this stunning watch as he traverses New Zealand territory. He keeps himself stylish with Breitling. Available here at

Bear's Shirt: Long-sleeved Shirt

Info: Bear wears a long-sleeved shirt on this adventure against the wild. He surely knows how to dress himself despite the circumstances that he faces. Available here at

Bear's Pants: Basecamp Winterlined Trousers

Info: Bear uses extra-protection for hsi lower body from both heat and cold with these pants. Available here at

Bear's Gloves: Optimum Skit Mit

Info: Bear protects his hands by using these heavy-duty gloves from Optimum. Available here at

Bear's Flint: Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter

Info: Another one of Bear's most vital companions is his flint. He brings his Swedish FireSteel to the Land of the Maori in this episode. Available here at

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