Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Man vs Wild Season 5 Episode 5: Fan vs Wild

Season 5 Episode 5: Fan vs Wild

Grylls takes two fans into the Canadian wilderness for their ultimate survival challenge. They face their fears head on, trek down dangerous glaciers and across a frigid glacial river, build a rustic shelter, and try to swallow typical Grylls fare.

Bear's Knife:  Original "Bear Grylls" Bayley Knife
Info: In any case an scenario, Bear has his trusty knife with him. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Jacket:  Craghoppers Survivor Jacket II

Info: The Canadian mountainside is a snowy, glacial terrain. Bear uses this Survivor jacket for upper body protection and warmth. Available here at Amazon.com.

Bear's Boots: Rocky Prolight Waterproof Boots

Info: Bear wears a pair of waterproof, high-traction boots to tread the snowy Canadian territory. Available here at Amazon.com.

Bear's Backpack: Bear Pac 35+

Info: To accommodate his items and some extras for his companions, Bear brings his larger 35-liter Bear Pac on this trip. Available here at Amazon.com.

Bear's Shades: SOS Expedition Sunglasses

Info: Bear uses these sunglasses to protect his eyes from the icy wind. Available here at Amazon.com.

Bear's Gloves: Petzl Cordex Plus

Info: Bear uses heavy duty winter gloves from Petzl to keep his hands warm and protected in the snow. Available here at Amazon.com.

Bear's  Canteen: 58 Pattern British Army Style Camping Water Bottle & Canteen Cup

Info: Hydration is a vital key to survival, Bear brings his 58 issue British Army canteen with crusader cup to the glacial Canadian terrain. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Watch: Breitling Mens Watch A73322
Info: In this episode, Bear wears this stylish designer watch from Breitling. Available here at Amazon.com.

Bear's Pants:The NorthFace Men's Venture Pants
Info: For warmth and protection against water, ice and snow during his trek, Bear wears these pants from The NorthFace. Available here at Amazon.com.

Bear's Flint: Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter

Info: Bear uses his FireSteel to start fires even in the coldest temperatures and snowy environment. Available here at Amazon.com.

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