Saturday, December 10, 2016

Man vs Wild Season 7 Episode 1: New Zealand: South Island

Season 7 Episode 1: New Zealand: South Island

Bear Grylls must fling himself out of a plane and parachute to safety to reach this remote area. Crossing the country's highest mountain range and starting a fire in a waterlogged forest are just some of the unpredictable things he faces in this terrain.

Bear's Knife: Gerber BG Ultimate Survival

Info: Bear brings a knife to all his adventures as a good knife will trully be a key element in survival. He brings his Gerber BG Ultimate Survival knife to New Zealand. Available here at

Bear's Jacket: Craghoppers Survival Jacket II

Info: Bear wears this jacket from Craghoppers for added upper body protection. Available here at

Bear's Boots: Merrell Chameleon Hex

Info: Bear treks the forests of the southern New Zealand island with these boots from Merrell. Available here at

Bear's Backpack: Bear Pac 25+

Info: In this episode Bear uses his 25 liter Bear Pac to carry all his survival items. Available here at

Bear's Watch: Breitling Emergency

Info: Bear trully knows how to travel in style, he wears a designer watch from Breitling as his time piece. Available here at

Bear's Pants: Basecamp Winterlined Trousers

Info: Bear uses these trousers to maintain body heat, to be able to move freely. Available here at

Bear's Gloves: Altura Sprint

Info: Bear wears these gloves from Altura to protect his palms as he tries to survive in this episode. Available here at

Bear's Flint: Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter

Info: Bear tries to light fires using his FireSteel in the waterlogged forest in this episode. Available here at

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