Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Man vs Wild Season 5 Episode 6: Extreme Desert

Season 5 Episode 6: Extreme Desert

In the Mojave Desert, Grylls puts himself in the path of a man-made sand storm, takes on the full force of a man-made flash-flood and HALO jump from 30,000 feet. His body is pushed to the limit as the temperature soars from minus 40 to 110 degrees.

Bear's Knife:  Original "Bear Grylls" Bayley Knife

Info: An essential tool for survival is one's knife, Bear believes that so well as he brings his Bayley to the Mojave desert. Available here at

Bear's Boots:

Welco Waterproof Boots
La Sportiva Builder X

Info: Bear treads the desert in these boots from Welco. Available here at He also uses these hiking shoes from La Sportiva. Available here at

Bear's Backpack: Bear Pac 25+

Info: To survive the desert, Bear brings his essentials inside his Bear Pac. Available here at

Bear's Bracelet: Regular Survival bracelet (Survival straps)

Info: Bear wear a well-known compact survival essential, a survival bracelet, on this adventure. Available here at

Bear's Shades:

SOS Full Throttle Photochromic

SOS Expedition Sunglasses 

Info: Bear wears stylish protective eye wear in these photochromic shades from SOS. Available here at He alternates it with the SOS expedition. Available here at

Bear's  Canteen: 58 Pattern British Army Style Camping Water Bottle & Canteen Cup

Info: Bear knows that Hydration is a vital key to survival in the desert where his temperature could fluctuate and shoot up. He brings his 58 issue British Army canteen with crusader cup. Available here at

Bear's Watch: Breitling Mens Watch A73322

Info: Bear uses this stylish designer watch from Breitling as his time piece in the Mojave desert. Available here at

Bear's Shirt: Craghoppers Bear Grylls Long-Sleeve Tech T-shirt

Info: Bear keeps cool in this dry-fit, quick-dry tech shirt from Craghoppers. Available here at

Bear's Pants: Craghoppers Bear Grylls Survivor Full Stretch Trousers

Info: Bear wears these lightweight trousers in his trek in the Mojave desert. These are made with a poly-cotton blend for durability and comfort allowing max movement. Available here at

Bear's Flint: Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter

Info: One of Bear's trusty companions is his flint, he uses this Swedish FireSteel from Light My Fire. Available here at

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