Monday, December 5, 2016

Man vs Wild Season 4 Episode 9: Guatemala

Season 4 Episode 9: Guatemala

Grylls rappels onto a live volcano in Guatemala, navigates a waterfall in an underground cave, creates a nest to safely sleep in but gets an unwelcome bed buddy, and encounters ancient Mayan ruins.

Bear's Knife: Gerber BG Ultimate Survival Knife

Info: Bear brings his Gerber BG Ultimate Survival knife, meticulously crafted for functionality in any environment. Available here at

Bear's Boots: Merrell Chameleon Hex

Info: Bear wears lightweight, athletic, hiking shoes while he treks the diverse terrains of Guatemala. Available here at

Bear;s Backpack: Bear Pac 25+

Info: Bear brings his bare necessities in his ever durable Bear Pac. Available here at

Bear's Shades: Native Sprint

Info: Bear uses a pair of Native Sprint sun glasses. Polarized, glare-free lenses and Cushinol temple boots make these perfect for athletic activity. Available here at

Bear's Canteen: 58 Pattern British Army Style Camping Water Bottle & Canteen Cup

Info: Bear brings his 950 ml, 58 pattern canteen and crusader cup, all made with heavy duty material. Available here at

Bear's Watch: Breitling Emergency

Info: Bear definitely does not lose track of time in his journey with his luxurious time piece. Available here at

Bear's Shirt: Craghoppers Long-Sleeved Shirt

Info: Bear wears this lightweight, stylish shirt which features a wash-and-wear, quick-drying tech. Available here at

Bear's Pants: Craghoppers Bear Grylls Survival Trousers

Info: In this episode, Bear wears a pair of poly-cotton trousers in a cream and black colorway. Available here at

Bear's Gloves: Altura Sprint Gloves

Info: For added grip, traction and comfort while rappelling, Bear uses a pair of Altura Sprint gloves. Available here at

Bear's Flint: Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter

Info: Bear brings his greatest necessities: his Swedish FireSteel flint. Available here at

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