Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Season 4, Episode 5: Siberia Part 1

Bear is taking it to the extreme, in Season 4's Episode 5, he's in the coldest place on the planet. Siberia. With temperatures down to −90F(!), it's a challenge to keep from freezing. A serious challenge that Bear is excited to take on!

Bears Knife: Orignal "Bear Grylls" S4 Baylay Knife (now known as "S4" only)
(Available to buy at Bayley Knives)

Info: This knife was designed for Bear Grylls wild adventure lifestyle. The handle of Bear Grylls survival knife is Bead blasted and attached to an RWL Swedish powder steel blade. It comes with a leather sheath that can be worn horizontally. Blade size is 100mm X 30 X 4 (3.9inches x 1.2 x .16). Total length 215mm (8.5 inches) and weighing in at 200grams (7 ounces).

Bears Jacket: Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero Down Jacket

Bears Fleece: Craghopper Fusion Microfleece (Sage)

This episode features the following awesome "Bear Moments":
Bear shows that just touching a knife can instantly freeze it to your skin, and how to get it off. Pee.
Bear makes a toboggan out of willow branches and a dead deer hide.
Bear jumps into a frozen lake, to show how to survive.

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  1. Does anyone know the make and model of the black and yellow/mustard jacket Bear Grylls wears in his Siberia episode of Born Survivor?