Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gear used by Bear Grylls in Season 2:

Here is a quick reference to the knives and jackets used by Bear in Season 2:

Man Vs Wild Season 2 (DVD at
------------ Location ------ Knife ------------------- Jacket --------------
Episode 1: Florida Everglades Buck Zipper No Jacket
Episode 2: Iceland Gerber Gator Serrater Arc'teryx Theta AR (Indigo)
Episode 3: Copper Canyon Gerber Gator Strait Edge North Face Mammatus Jacket (Orange)
Episode 4: Australian Kimberley Gerber Gator Serrater No Jacket
Episode 5: Equador Gerber Gator Serrater No Jacket
Episode 6: Scotland Gerber Gator Serrater Arc'teryx Fission AR

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