Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Season 4, Episode 4: Indonesia

In Episode 4 of Season 4, Bear is stranded like castaway on an uninhabited remote island in the waters of Indonesia. This coral covered island is bleak with little food or water, it's a real challenge to make it in a place like this. Thankfully, Bear knows just what to do!

Bears Knife: Orignal "Bear Grylls" S4 Baylay Knife (now known as "S4" only)
(Available to buy at Bayley Knives)

Info: This knife was designed for Bear Grylls wild adventure lifestyle. The handle of Bear Grylls survival knife is Bead blasted and attached to an RWL Swedish powder steel blade. It comes with a leather sheath that can be worn horizontally. Blade size is 100mm X 30 X 4 (3.9inches x 1.2 x .16). Total length 215mm (8.5 inches) and weighing in at 200grams (7 ounces).

Bears Jacket: This close to the equator, jackets definitely not required.

This episode features the following awesome "Bear Moments":
Bear uses a wild corals slime as sunscreen to protect from the suns scorching rays.
Bear eats raw sea slugs. A truly disgusting meal.
Bear catches a stingray witha makeshift spear.
Finally Bear decides to risk it all on a bamboo raft, luckily he's found before being eaten by sharks!

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  1. There's an episode where he eats lobster brains what where the Sun glasses, watch and t shirt he wore?? I've tried finding the top but cant find the exact one