Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Season 3, Episode 2: Sahara Part 2

Episode 2 of the Third Season is part two of the Sahara adventure for Bear. This time he climbing in a camel and crossing miles of scorching hot barren salt pan.

Bears Knife: Orignal "Bear Grylls" Baylay Knife
(Available to buy at BayLey Knives)

Info: This knife was designed for Bear Grylls wild adventure lifestyle. The handle of Bear Grylls survival knife is Bead blasted and attached to an RWL Swedish powder steel blade. It comes with a leather sheath that can be worn horizontally. Blade size is 100mm X 30 X 4 (3.9inches x 1.2 x .16). Total length 215mm (8.5 inches) and weighing in at 200grams (7 ounces).

Bears Jacket: Bear wears just his shirt, in a desert, that's a good idea.

This episode features the following awesome "Bear Moments":
Eating a beetle, lizard, goat testicles and more completely raw.
Climbing into a dead camel for shelter and drinking the water from it's digesting mash.
Rock climbing a 100+ foot cliff without ropes to save time.

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  1. i am 11 and i love born surviver so much that when i am 16 i am going to trek the sahara so i am here to see what knive and gear you used i have my boyfreind to help me if i get into any trouble and my best freind is the camera girl my bf will be 16 and my freind will be just turning 17 oh by the way i allready have the camera and 2 backup cameras i love bear grylls.