Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Season 2, Episode 6: Scotland

Season 1 Episode 15: Cairngorms

Grylls shows how to navigate the Cairngorms region in extreme weather using ice formations and moss growth, and how to test snow slopes for avalanche potential. He uses moss to purify water and skins a red deer for shelter. For food, he traps a rabbit and cooks it to demonstrate how to prepare it. Grylls also crosses deep marshes and uses fallen trees to cross ravines.

Bear's Knife:  Gerber Gator Serrator

Info: As he treads the scottish alps, Bear brings himself a good knife in the form of the Gerber Gator. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Jacket:  Arc'teryx Fission AR

Info: Bear wears this jacket from Arc'teryx for insulation and upper body protection from unpredictable weather conditions. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Boots: Merrell Norsehund Alpha Waterproof

Info: Bear wears these high-traction, heavy duty, waterproof hiking boots from Merrell. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Canteen: 58 Pattern British Issue Canteen with 

Crusader Cup Canteen

Info: In this Scottish trek, Bear brings his canteen for hydration. This canteen has a vintage appeal and is made durable for any journey. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Watch: Breitling Mens Watch A73322

Info: Bear wears this chronograph watch from Breitling as his timepiece. It has a handsome look and a bold feel. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Fleece: Craghoppers Corey III Half-zip Fleece

Info: Bear wears this fleece sweater from Craghoppers for additional insulation. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Shirt: White Shirt

Info: Bear keeps it simple as he wears a basic white shirt as his undershirt. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Pants: Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Elite Trousers

Info: Bear wears these trousers from Craghoppers which are lightweight and water-repellent. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Socks: Smartwool Expedition Trekking

Info: Bear wears these socks from Smartwool to protect his feet from friction and moisture as he wears heavy hiking boots. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Gloves: The NorthFace Apex Etip

Info: To protect his hands from friction, weather, cuts and all, Bear wears these gloves from The NorthFace. Available here at Amazon.com

Bear's Flint: Swedish Army FireSteel

Info: To be able to cook food for survival and to light camp fires, Bear uses his trusty Swedish Army FireSteel from Light My Fire. Available here at Amazon.com

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