Thursday, July 16, 2009

Season 1, Episode 1: Rockies / "Pilot"

Season 1 Episode 1: The Rockies (Pilot)

Bear Grylls gets dropped in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in British Columbia and must find his way back to civilization. On his way out, he must avoid the danger of Grizzly bears. jump 70 feet off into a river, and abseil down a cliff.

Bear's Jacket: The NorthFace Summit Series Jacket

Info: This is the first or countless survival adventures with Mr. Grylls and he decides to wear this mountain jacket from The NorthFace. The brand is known for top quality hiking and mountaineering gear. Available here at

Bear's Hoodie: Basic Grey Hoodie

Info: Bear tops his clothes up with extra insulation using a grey hoodie. Available here at

Bear's Boots: Merrell Chameleon Hex

Info: Bear wears a pair of hiking shoes made from a slick combination of mesh and synthetic leather, and with a rubber sole which allows full traction as well as comfort for multi-terrain walking. Available here at

Bear's Backpack: Gregory z25

Info: Bear packs his essentials in this 25-liter backpack from Gregory. It is highly durable made from 100% Nylon. It is also has a lot of extra interior and exterior pockets for better organization. Available here at

Bears Watch: Breitling Mens Watch A73322

Info: Bear flaunts his sense of style as he wears this designer chronograph watch from Breitling. It is a handsome timepiece, indeed. Available here at

Bear's Pants: Denim Blue Jeans

Info: Bear wears denim jeans on his trek. Watch the full episode to see for yourself how he treads along the Rockies in this kind of gear. Available here at

Bear's Shirt: Tan T-shirt

Info: Bear's shirt is a basic tan colored t-shirt. Available here at

Bear's Flint: Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter

Info: One of Bear's best tools is his flint. He uses this Original Swedish FireSteel from Light My Fire. Available here at

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